Past activities

Commemorative panel unveiling

On Septembre 15, 2018 the Association has unveiled a panel to commemorate Michel Saindon's baptism in Bains-sur-Oust, Brittany. Seventeen persons of the Association attended the unveiling ceremony.

In close collaboration with the Oust and Vilaine County Genealogy Club, the Association had developed a three days program for members that could be added to a larger journey that the participants had planned themselves.
A great success.

By-laws modification

Recently, the Board of director modified the Association By-Laws so that the spouse of a member can be a member of the Association.

Before only a lineal descendant of Michel Saindon, a descendant by union* or by adoption could be a member of the Association. 

This modification normalize the situation of some spouses who continued to pay the dues of their deceased spouse member desiring to maintain a link with the Association. Also a spouse member could become a member of the Board of directors.

Already in force, this modification will have to be approved at the next general assembly of the Association.

* Children of a female lineal descendant of Michel Saindon

The Saindon farm at St-Alexandre wins the Mcleod trophy.

The Saindon and son farm of St-Alexandre, owner Clément Saindon, his wife Hélène Bélanger and their son Sébastien, have won the Mcleod trophy at the General Assembly of Québec Holstein Association for the very high performance  of a cow of their herd which produced 19338 kg of milk.
(From site).

St-Alexandre de Kamouraska is around 150 miles north-east of Québec city a little before Rivière-du-Loup.

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Death of Saindons in L'Isle-Verte fire

The "Résidence du Havre" nursing home at L'Isle-Verte burned down on February 23rd 2014. Several Saindons were living there. See report in French on

  • Marie-Jeanne Saindon born Gagnon
  • Éva Saindon
  • Juliette Saindon

Our deepest condolences to their families.

Visit of two American couples of USA to Cacouna

October 31st 2013

Brad Parker from Kansas and his wife, on their honeymoon, and also Linda Roy-Cross and her husband, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, also from Kansas, visited separetly the province of Québec recently and specifically Cacouna.
André Saindon, a member of the Association, living in Cacouna acted as their guide.
On the Association' Facebook site, these two persons who are unknown to each other, exchanged informations about their place of living in Kansas..

Many Saindons emigrated from Cacouna to Illinois and Kansas at the end of the 19th century : Brad is the great-great-grandson of Adéline Saindon and Linda, grand daughter of Laura Saindon.
Linda, sister of late Sr Veronica Roy, author of "Our Saindon cousin" a very important book on the Mid-west Saindons has an Internet site on her trip and her ancestors.

Louise Camirand GFA

August 8th, 2013

Congratulations to Louise Camirand, Registrar and genealogist of the Association who has obtained recently the title of

Certified Genealogist (GFA).

To earn this title

  • she succeeded the examinations of the Fédération québécoise des Sociétés de généalogie and submitted a
  • portfolio of ten generations of her maternal and paternal ancestors, an exhaustive research involving 1024 people, that was approved by the Federation.

The title of GFA recognizes the official competence of Louise to be able to

  • identify and exploit research tools,
  • process the data of a filiation and
  • to trace the authenticated data of marriages.

Louise is co-author of the historical dictionary illustrated family Saindon and the Compendium vol. 2.